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As Stan Marsh sits in his room attempting to write a song for his new death metal band, Crimson Dawn, his father Randy Marsh announces to the family that he plans to travel to China and expand the family's Tegridy Farms marijuana business there.

However, when he boards a plane to China, he sees many other people are also traveling there for the same reason, including characters belonging to Disney. He is arrested in China when marijuana is discovered in his luggage. He is sentenced to prison where he witnesses the practice of summary execution, and is subjected to slave labor, torture, and Communist Party re-education.

During a Crimson Dawn rehearsal, the band is visited by a music producer who wants to make a biographical film, or "biopic" of the band, as traditional music resources such as albums and tours are no longer profitable. Stan, who desperately wants to leave his farm home, is thrilled. During their first meeting, when the film's structure is discussed, the band learns that certain aspects of the band's lives will have to be edited out in order to make the film marketable in China due to their censorship of the media.

In prison, Randy meets fellow prisoners Winnie the Pooh and Piglet, who are there because they were banned in China after internet memes comparing Chinese president and General Secretary of the Communist Party Xi Jinping to Disney's version of Pooh became popular. When Randy is brought before a court, he criticizes the Chinese government for the way it treats its prisoners, accusing them of lacking "integrity". When Mr. Mouse learns of Randy's criticism, however, he angrily confronts Randy over the Chinese customers he is losing because of it, but Randy holds firm on his beliefs that business should not be conducted on the basis of intimidation, and expresses his marijuana import idea to him. When Mickey and Randy make their case to the Chinese officials together, their offer is rejected, which Mickey attributes to the Winnie the Pooh matter. Randy is so angered at this that he lures Pooh to a secluded street with honey, and kills him as a horrified Piglet watches.

As the Crimson Dawn film is shot, the censorship continues to the point that Chinese officials are on set to approve its content. The producer asks Stan to rewrite the script "from his heart", but Stan is frustrated by a Chinese censor standing over his shoulder as he writes in his bedroom, erasing passages he does not approve of. Later with his band mates, Stan realizes that the only film that will even be accepted in China is something "vanilla and cheesy". Stan's best friend, Kyle Broflovski, disembarks from a bus with Eric Cartman following their stay in an ICE detention center in the previous episode. The friends' reunion inspires an idea for Stan.

Stan briefly reunites his previous band Fingerbang for a new biopic, but changes his mind during filming, saying that no matter how badly he wishes to leave the farm, he cannot bring himself to compromise for China, and commenting that anyone who does is worthless in his view. Meanwhile, Tegridy Weed has become legal in China. As a dump truck unloads a massive amount of cash at the farm during a family meal, Stan asks Randy why he is covered in honey and blood. When Randy discloses that he murdered Pooh, Stan calmly leaves the table to go write another song about his father.

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