丹佛 是科罗拉多州的首府,是一座距离南方公园45公里远的大城市。这座城市经常出现和被提及,南方公园的角色经常会跑去这座城市,找些在南方公园找不到的便利设施。这里也是丹佛野马队的主场,这支NFL的队伍也经常被提及。


  • 火山爆发” - 引导岩浆的壕沟最终通向的就是丹佛,在最后,这个城市被岩浆吞没了。
  • 卡特曼的荡妇妈” - 卡特曼可能的父亲候选人中,就有丹佛野马队的球员。
  • 连体婴儿症” - The first dodgeball team up against the South Park Cows is Denver's team.
  • 永恒边缘城市” - Ms. Crabtree goes there to find some help.
  • 升上四年级” - Ms. Choksondik is from Denver.
  • 海伦·凯勒音乐剧” - Jeffrey Maynard played at the Denver Community Playhouse.
  • 超级好朋友” - David Blaine performs his magic show in Denver.
  • 传奇的背后” - Terrance performs live at the Denver Coliseum.
  • 混沌教授现身” - The boys along with Pip see a game at Coors Field.
  • 疯狂残疾人” - Jimmy and Timmy's Crip chapter is based in Denver.
  • 厕纸风波” - Part of Cartman's elaborate story told to Mr. Mackey involves the Scientology Center in Denver.
  • 贪婪的印第安人” - The casino's plan was to build a superhighway to Denver where they can get more customers.
  • 生日宴会” - Casa Bonita is a real business located in Denver.
  • 吐出类固醇” - The Special Olympics takes place in Denver.
  • 淘汰边缘” - The opponent baseball team of South Park qualifying for the State Championship is Denver and the game takes place at Coors Field.
  • 解救威兹雅克” - Sea Park is based in Denver.
  • 冰球小英豪” - The hockey team's final game is against Denver County held at the Pepsi Center.
  • 卡特曼老师” - Denver County picks up Cartman to teach a class.
  • 贞操戒指” - The Jonas Brothers' concert is in Denver.
  • 摔角淘汰联盟” - The boys see a live WWE wrestling event at the Pepsi Center arena.
  • 鲸鱼婊卫战” - The Marshes visit an aquarium in Denver for Stan's birthday.
  • 药德基” - After the closure of the South Park branch of KFC Cartman tries to go to the Denver branch.
  • 第201集” - Cartman's dad is revealed to have played for the Denver Broncos, leading him to believe that he is half Denver Bronco. Casa Bonita is also seen again, being destroyed by Mecha-Streisand.
  • 卡特曼寻爱记” - Eric Cartman interrupts a basketball game at the Pepsi Center arena.
  • 讽刺球” - Sports Authority Field at Mile High is featured when the Denver Broncos play the Oakland Raiders.
  • 快放下它” - Craig takes Tweek to a car-themed amusement park in Denver to help him stop worrying about being attacked by North Korea.
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