The Country Kitchen Buffet is a restaurant in South Park that first appeared in the Season Seven episode, “Grey Dawn”. It later appeared in the episode “201” where it was destroyed by Barbra Streisand.


Country Kitchen Buffet is known to have several outlets across the state of Colorado. It is extremely popular among senior citizens and is often the first place they go to when they wish to eat. In fact, they are dependent on the restaurants to keep them alive and well, and those who fail to make a routine stop at Country Kitchen Buffet usually die of starvation.

In “Grey Dawn”, senior citizen drivers are caught up in a row when they mow down dozens of Colorado citizens due to their old age and senility. Many of these accidents occurred while the seniors attempted to find Country Kitchen Buffet, which they kept missing due to their poor memory. After all seniors were forced to surrender their licenses for a string of tragic accidents they caused, the AARP invades South Park, and the seniors came to rely on the Country Kitchen Buffet located in town during the invasion.

During the invasion, Eric Cartman suggests to his friends that they shut down Country Kitchen Buffet in an attempt to render the seniors helpless through starvation. He justifies this plan because in Steamboat Springs, all of the seniors died after the Country Kitchen Buffet over there was shut down. The boys lock down the restaurant in town and the seniors panic when they find it has been closed, and became weak as a result of starvation. The seniors are all arrested and the town is saved.

In “201”, Country Kitchen Buffet in South Park is destroyed along with several other buildings by MechaStreisand.


The Country Kitchen Buffet is a brick building with a sloped roof. It has large square windows typical of a small town diner and large double doors.


  • Country Kitchen Buffet's name is a combination of the names of two similar restaurants; Country Kitchen Restaurants and Old Country Buffet.
  • Elderly People need to eat food from the Country Kitchen Buffet to stay alive as mentioned earlier in the episode.
  • In “201”, the building is destroyed by Mecha-Streisand, it is likely that it was rebuilt.


  • Grey Dawn” - The Boys lock the door from inside in order to prevent senior citizens from coming in the restaurant and as an outcome they become weak.
  • 201” - The restaurant is destroyed by Mecha Streisand, along with several other buildings.
  • A Nightmare on Face Time
  • Franchise Prequel” - Mark Zuckerberg interrupts people's meals.
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