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  • This is the first appearance of Mr. Slave, Mr. Garrison's boyfriend and classroom assistant, and the last appearance of Mr. Hat until the "200"/"201" story arc.
  • Mr. Garrison putting Lemmiwinks the gerbil up Mr. Slave's ass is a reference to the urban legend about Richard Gere sticking a gerbil up his ass for sexual pleasure.
    • Sparrow Prince claims that he had been stuck in Mr. Slave's body for years prior Lemmiwinks meeting him there, meaning it could be that he alongside the Frog King and Catatafish were also once inserted as normal animals (whose skeletons can be seen near his anus area) into Mr. Slave's ass before they've died there.
  • At the Museum of Tolerance, the female tour guide can be seen wearing a Jewish necklace.
  • This episode marks the first uncensored use of the word "nigger", predating "Hell on Earth 2006" and "With Apologies to Jesse Jackson". The slur was previously used incompletely by Mr. Garrison at the end of "Here Comes the Neighborhood".
  • The multiple bent, three-bladed fans inside the tolerance camp are reminiscent of Swastikas.
  • The children in class seem to finally get the joke of Diane Choksondik's name as they all laugh when Mr. Mackey mentions her. Before they would rather laugh at pseudonyms they invent, like "Ms. Makesmesick" or "Ms. Chokesonrocks".
  • This is Principal Victoria's only speaking appearance in Season 6.

References to Popular Culture编辑

  • The use of black and white at the camp is an homage to the Steven Spielberg film "Schindler's List", a film about a Nazi who secretly saved Jews from the Holocaust.
  • The Lemmiwinks subplot is a parody of the Rankin/Bass animated film The Hobbit. There has also been some comparison to the children's book series Redwall.


  • Despite being freed by Lemmiwinks at the end of this episode, the Frog King appears again in "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset", aiding Paris Hilton in escaping Mr. Slave's ass, and also makes reference to the Sparrow Prince. Lemmiwinks, Catatafish, the Sparrow Prince and the Frog King all reappear in "Bass to Mouth", almost nine years later.
  • The way Randy says, "That's our Cartman" is reminiscent of how Randy says, "That's our Grandpa" in the season one episode "Death".
  • As part of a gag, the residents and guide berate a man for smoking outside the Museum of Tolerance. A later episode, "Butt Out", would try to absolve some negativity around smoking which resulted in some criticism.


  • Despite Butters being dumped and replaced in the episode "Professor Chaos" as Kenny's replacement and Tweek disappearing from the gang in "A Ladder to Heaven", they both seem to be with Kyle, Stan and Cartman again in this episode. Tweek however, disappears near the end of this episode for unknown reasons, with Butters replacing Kenny for the first time since "The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer".


  • When the parents gather in Mr. Mackey's office, they are all very close to each other. When it switches to a close up of Butters, his parents are further away, then when it switches back they back at their original places.
  • Tweek isn't there when Mr. Mackey says the boys should go to tolerance camp, but he is there when the boys first enter the tolerance camp, but later disappears.
  • At the tolerance museum, before the kids get on the moving walkway into the tunnel, the walkway is moving against the children, hence the wrong way, but when they enter the tunnel, the walkway is moving the correct way; forward.
  • It is ironic that Cartman, a known Nazi sympathizer, suffered in Tolerance Camp, which has blatant allusions to Nazi concentration camps.
  • At the camp, the children in the hall are told to fingerpaint. But the sets of rows at the far left and far right do not actually fingerpaint, and just sit there.
  • Mr. Garrison claims boiling water is an exothermic reaction. Boiling water is an endothermic process.
  • In The promotional pictures for this episode, the tolerance camp scenes are in color, but in the episode, the scenes are in black and white.
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