Schlomo appeared only in the Season Three episode "Jewbilee" as the Squirt leader.


Throughout the episode, he tries to hunt a bear hoping to earn a chutzpah badge, but his attempts always end up failing, resulting in one of the squirts getting caught by the bear. His first attempt was to get one of the Squirts to catch the bear with a net, the Squirt ends up throwing the net on himself, and is taken away by the bear. He later tries to catch the bear with bait on a rope-swinging tray but also fails, with the bear catching another Squirt. Then he thinks he finds one of the Squirts that was caught alive, but it was just a trap, which was made by the bear himself to attract them, he then ends up taking all the squirts. Schlomo returns to the camp disappointed with his failures, he also gets shot from Garth.


He is selfish and irresponsible, taking on the role of Squirt leader for the sole purpose of earning a chutzpah badge. He takes the Squirts on a dangerous quest to hunt a bear just so he can earn his badge, blatantly disregarding their safety. He gets upset when the Squirts get taken only because he is afraid of getting into trouble, not because he cares about their safety. He puts the remaining Squirts in danger by continuing his quest.


He wears the typical Jew Scout uniform - a dull green shirt with badges and the Star of David on his right sleeve. He wears a yellow scarf around his neck, a dull green cap, and dark green pants. He has black hair, including curly locks on either side of his forehead, which each Jew Scout wears. He has thick black eyebrows and freckled cheeks.

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