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The episode starts at Tom's Rhinoplasty. Garrison is getting a new look, specifically his hair, which now looks more like the hair President-Elect Trump has. He says he is ready to do what matters, as he goes back into the UV-Ray machine.

The Space X building is shown as Cartman and Heidi walk over to the front desk. They request to go to Mars because it has shitty WiFi. The front desk employee tells them to take a number and wait with everybody else. A bunch of people are shown waiting as Cher is in the room singing “Believe”.

At South Park Elementary, PC Principal tosses papers off his desk. He is clearly angry about the election results. Mr. Mackey comes in saying the President Elect wants to speak with him. Garrison comes in along with two secret service agents. Garrison sits down and asks PC Principal if he remembers why he was fired. Garrison starts to rub the fact that he won in PC Principal’s face, he says his penis is getting dry and he needs saliva to fix his problem.

People walk out of the back entrance of a nightclub, the sign “Members Only” is posted on the outside of it. Memberberries are seen going over to a very small door. Another member berry opens the doors preview window is asks for the password. The door opens and the member berries enter. There are Member Berries everywhere, they go over to the berry they poured in Caitlyn Jenner's drink in Douche and a Danish. He tells the berries he still needs them to do things for him.

In Denmark, the TrollTrace building is shown. Gerald is still trying to get out of the room, as Lennart Bedrager appears from above, Gerald threatens them saying people will be looking for him. Lennart throws him an iPhone and tells him he could contact anybody he wants, but he would have to tell them why they are there. Lennart says they will use them to set the world on fire. Dick tells him the president will not allow Denmark to turn the world against each other.

At a supermarket, Garrison walks in and grabs the PA and starts acting cocky as he walks around talking to various people, who are all in shock. He goes over to Stephen, who looks disappointed. Garrison starts threatening a worker for supposedly not double-bagging his groceries as his phone rings. Garrison picks it up and he is told the Pentagon needs him immediately. Garrison says he is kind of busy, as the adviser tells him they might be going to war.

At the Broflovski Residence, Ike is playing Watch Dogs 2 on his computer as Gerald pops up for a FaceTime call. Ike answers and Gerald tells him to sign into the school message boards and start trolling. Dick tells Gerald they have bigger problems, as Gerald tells him he doesn’t know how his wife will react. He tells Ike to type in “You should all get raped by Gorillas.”

Back at the Space X building, Cartman and Heidi are still waiting. Cartman is stunned to hear “Hey Eric” as Butters approaches. Butters says he wants to get off of the planet because “Shit’s about to get a lot worse”.

At the White House, Member Berries can be seen are far as the eye can see as they descend for the building. All of them Membering’ things. They enter the White House and shortly after, enter the Oval Office.

Back at the Broflovski Residence, Ike is on the computer photo-shopping a dick in a woman’s mouth, as Gerald gives him directions. Ike repeats the words “You are a fat retard” as Sheila hears him and she quickly runs in. She sees the computer screen and is in disgust. Gerald calls Sheila and asks how everything is. Gerald demands to talk to Ike and tells him to stay calm, after Ike gives the phone back to Sheila. He tells Sheila he is full of shit and isn’t sorry and tells her to stay quiet. Sheila warns Ike not to get back on the computer. Gerald appears again on FaceTime and tells Ike to type in “How you like a donkey dick”.

At the Pentagon, Pres-Elect Garrison is given a tour of the facility. He is given the nuclear football and a book of military secrets. He goes inside the “Diplomat and strategy negotiation room” only to find it in a state of chaos, a general tells Garrison they are seeking his guidance.

Back at Space X, Butters is singing as Cartman bashes him for acting different all of the sudden. As Butters talks about how funny Amy Schumer is, Cartman starts to become jealous.

Back at the Pentagon, Garrison is being briefed about the war on TrollTrace. In Russia, Vladimir Putin is getting addressed about TrollTrace as well from his advisers, as he is told he has a call from the Oval Office. He picks it to hear Member Berries 'membering things, he gets frustrated.

At Space X, Cartman, Heidi and Butters are called over for a tour. Elon Musk is present as the tour group walks into a room where various futuristic things are shown, such as a pizza pocket. Cartman keeps asking when they can see the rocket to Mars.

At the Pentagon, Garrison is overwhelmed by the events happening. His adviser tells him the UK foreign secretary of affairs wants to speak to him. Boris Johnson, calls to warn them not to eat the Member Berries as London is shown on fire. After Boris says "Don't let them get into your head", Garrison assumes he is being insulted and hangs up.

Back at Space X, the tour ends and Cartman asks about Mars and Elon Musk says they are still 8 years away from going to Mars. Butters says Heidi is really smart and really funny and could help them get to Mars faster. Musk replies with “How funny?”

At the White House, a room is filled with Member Berries, as a small band of them performs. A horn goes off as a group of them pull up in a small car. They enter the Oval Office and ask who is in charge. One of the berries pulls out a gun and shoots one of the berries and says “Member Stormtroopers”.

At the Broflovski residence, Kyle walks in and finds Ike sitting in a corner. Sheila tells Kyle that Ike is Skankhunt42. Kyle angrily talks to Ike before he starts thinking. Kyle grabs Ike as they run off. Sheila screams her typical "What, What, What?!!!" phrase as the credits roll.

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