Chaos Hamsters are Butters Stotch's pets and serve as Professor Chaos's minions.


While Butters was dressing up the hamsters, he received an anonymous note, telling him to meet at the South Park Docks. There, he finds the person who sent the note, Dougie O'Connell, and released two hamsters, only for them to run away.


The Chaos Hamsters are brown hamsters who have a tiny tin foil helmet and green cape attached to them.


South Park: The Fractured But Whole

In The Hundred Hands of Chaos mission, Professor Chaos released multiple Chaos Hamsters to try take down the Coon and Friends. The hamsters instead scattered away, not doing anything to the superheroes.

During The Chaos Gambit mission, The New Kid and Professor Chaos were grounded by Stephen Stotch. The New Kid then takes a hamster and a few other components, crafting it into a "Flying Minion" to help them escape Butters' room. This unlocks the Haywire Buddy Power, where Professor Chaos sticks a hamster onto the New Kid's butthole.

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