ISIS, also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is a religious extremist terrorist group that appeared in the Season Eighteen episode, "Go Fund Yourself". The organization appears again in the Season Nineteen episode, "Naughty Ninjas".


ISIS is a terrorist organization and unrecognized state, known for being militant and religious extremists. They have taken over parts of Iraq and Syria in the Middle East.

The group show support for Eric Cartman's start-up company, the Washington Redskins, much to the unease of Kyle Broflovski. ISIS later withdraws support for the Washington Redskins and boycotts the company, after witnessing Dan Snyder brutalized by the Dallas Cowboys.

In "You're Not Yelping", real footage of the group is shown during the Yelpers' war on Shi Tpa Town.

In "Naughty Ninjas", they are seen supporting the boys' SoDoSoPa Ninjas club, believing they are a part of their religious extremism. The boys believed they were ninjas. Cartman was ecstatic when he learned that ISIS hated Jews.


The members of ISIS appear wearing all black clothes, covering their bodies and faces, as well as battle gear. They also all carry black ISIS flags.