In all four of the Origins mission line, the story (as narrated by The Coon) was that the intruders broke into the house to attempt to hurt the New Kid's parents. Through a tutorial on the selected class, the New Kid takes down the intruders in each of the four missions. It was revealed in Farts of Future Past that the intruders' true intentions was to obtain a selfie with the New Kid.


Percy (also known as the Alpha Intruder while in combat) wears a large red cap, and brown jacket with a navy blue shirt underneath, black gloves, a pair of black pants and black sports shoes. Percy has a large scar running along the left side of his face.

James wears a navy blue cap, grey jacket, black gloves, a pair of denim, and black shoes.

Jesse is usually seen carrying a crowbar. He wears a black beanie, black collared shirt, grey pants and black boots.


  • Wicked Crowbar - Jesse flings a crowbar onto the New Kid.
  • Vicious Crowbar - James flings a crowbar onto the New Kid.
  • Home Invader Special - Exclusive to Percy. Punches the New Kid five times.
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