PC Ohio State is an unnamed member of the PC Delta and a college student of the Ohio State University who first appears in the Season Nineteen episode "Stunning and Brave".


In "Stunning and Brave", he is first seen at Crunchy's Micro Brew along with the other PC Bros when Randy and the other fathers discuss Caitlyn Jenner. He makes friends with PC Principal and agrees to hang out at the PC Delta's house with the other PC Bros. At the end of the episode, he brandishes Randy's ass with the PC logo.

He also appears in "Sponsored Content", alongside the other PC Bros after Jimmy Valmer writes a story in the school newspaper using the word "retarded" and sitting after Jimmy writes another story about "PC" standing for "pussy crushing".


He has long blonde hair and thin blonde eyebrows. He wears a blue short-sleeve shirt, a black belt, black pants, and black sneakers. He also appears muscular and has a cleft chin.

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