Paul Ryan appeared in the Season Twenty-One episode, "Doubling Down" who served as the U.S. Representative for Wisconsin's 1st congressional district and as the former Speaker of the House of Representatives.


Paul Ryan, Mike Pence, and Mitch McConnell enter the Oval Office where President Garrison is conversing with another world leader on the phone. When he hangs up they inform him about right pronunciation of an African country Niger and about worker with ties to Russia was found "raped and executed". To that President response, it was him and Paul tells people are starting to question his oath to the office. To which he says his oath to the office is that he would "fuck everyone to death, remember?" After this the Memberberries on a shelf start to 'member it and Garrison tells them to be quiet and to his advisers to put a positive spin on it. He refuses to help and says that maybe he should put his foot down. In response Garrison remotely closes the door behind them and tells them: "Hope you brought some condoms."

After the Middle East peace conference in which the President refers to the people of Saudi Arabia as a bunch of "dirty sand Nigers", he is questioned by a reporter in front of the White House about Garrisons' presidency. He responses that the President is doing great and he's sticking by him 100% and people don't know how great the President can be behind closed doors. He is also asked about the semen on his black eye to which he nervously responses that he tripped on a doorknob and that it's doorknob cum.

Later he is seen with Pence and McConnell wearing blankets over their suits discussing their chances of survival. Then he shows them the President's approval ratings which are dangerously low. Suddenly President Garrison walks in and asks them what they are doing. They all quickly respond nothing but suddenly Mike Pence takes the folder out of his hand and gives it to the President. He calls Mike a bitch and tells the President that he researched the poll not him. Then he gets into a small fist fight with him while Garrison is looking at the folder. When they stop Garrison tells them everything is going to be fine for him.

At Garrison's first anniversary in the office, he brings him a cake and sings with Pence and McConnell the song "Happy Aniversary to you". When Garrison blows out the candles they clap and congratulate him and McConnell comments that more years of the same are to come. To which Garrison response that he doesn't think so, walks out from behind his desk with a giant dildo strapped to his genitals and adds that next three years are gonna be even better. All of them laugh in response, but soon begin to cry, as they know what that dildo means.


Paul Ryan wears a dark-blue suit with a red and light blue stripe tie and white shirt. He has black hair and black eyebrows. After he was raped by President Garrison he is seen wearing light blue blanket over his suit.

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