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  • This episode references the Lance Armstrong doping allegations by using Jesus Christ instead. His cancer research foundation and loss of a testicle to cancer were also referenced, along with the Livestrong wristband. Furthermore, Jesus and Stan point out that the real issue is the farmers in Belarus, alluding to defenders of Armstrong who point out that despite his use of steroids he did raise a lot of funds for cancer research.
  • Reference is made to putting an asterisk next to Jesus' name - an asterisk (*) is used in record books to indicate a footnote, explaining that a record is somehow tainted.
  • Stan says that a lie would grow in Craig's balls until it had to be cut out; this is a reference to Lance Armstrong having a testicle amputated due to cancer.
  • Kyle says Stan needs to "Bill Clinton this", a reference to Clinton eventually coming clean over the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

References to Popular Culture

  • Stan's "Make a STANd" commercials are a likely reference to the series of "Find Your Greatness" Nike commercials, mainly because of the many different examples used and ease of getting a commercial.[1][2]
  • Stan appears on the The Charlie Rose Show.
  • The scause factory sequence is a reference to Dr. Seuss and specifically to the book The Sneetches.
  • The wife of the French-Swedish official reads a book entitled "30 Teintes de Pourpre", translating to "30 Shades of Purple" which references Fifty Shades of Grey.
    • The French-Swedish official changes the TV channel to a weather report discussing Hurricane Sandy.
  • Jesus shows support for imprisoned Russian punk-rock collective Pussy Riot by wearing a T-shirt saying "Free Pussy Riot". The sarcasm is that Pussy Riot have been imprisoned after their concert in the Temple of Christ the Savior, accused of "offending the feelings of Christian believers".
  • Mr. Garrison teaches the class about Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, particularly referring to Jeff Conaway and Shifty Shellshock.
  • When Jesus takes HGH at the end, a parody of "Gonna Fly Now" from Rocky plays.
  • The lead French scientist is based on character Mr. Tudball from "The Carol Burnett Show". The lead French scientist makes reference to this when he says to his wife "It's starting to feel like The Carol Burnett Show in here."




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