元素使的伤害输出不高,考虑到状态影响,可以说是游戏中最低的之一,但这一职业有效的辅助技能为这一不足做了很好的补偿。Ice Prison effectively allows them to render an opponent helpless for a turn (assuming that they aren't Chill-resistant), while Hydro Helper enables them to keep themselves healthy or support teammates. Sand Trap is mainly used when Ice Prison is recharging and the New Kid's allies don't need Hydro Helper at the moment, but it's also a decent attack to use when surrounded by foes.

Elemental Onslaught is quite weak for an Ultimate, but it has great range and inflicts both Shock and Chill on its victims. If you can cluster up a bunch of enemies before launching the Onslaught, they'll be left helpless as Shock damage devastates their ranks; this is especially useful on Mastermind difficulty, when status ailments do significantly higher damage.

Most of the Elementalist's abilities benefit from higher Brains, but Hydro Helper relies on Spunk instead. Keep this in mind when you're developing your strategies, especially if you're mix-and-matching abilities with other classes.



  • 日常:130%
  • 英雄:100%
  • 大师:75%
  • 恶魔:60%


名称+图标 简介 范围 属性 效果 状态影响
Elemental Onslaught
伤害,电击,并冻结身边敌人 距离使用者三格以内的所有敌人 智慧 攻击敌人 冻结
Elementalist power4
Stats mc range
Icon chilled
Icon shocked
Sand Trap
地面迸出利齿,撕咬你的敌人 环绕一个中心的十字,这个中心选自距离使用者两格的任何一个方格 智慧 攻击敌人
Elementalist power1
Lobbed aoe min range
Stats mc range
Ice Prison
伤害并冻结一名敌人 距离使用者两格的任何一个敌人 智慧 攻击敌人 冻结
Elementalist power2
Lobbed st min range
Stats mc range
Icon chilled
Hydro Helper
净化,治疗,并提升我方某人的攻击力 距离使用者两格以内的任何一个友军 勇毅 治疗友军 净化,攻击力上升
Elementalist power3
Lobbed st heal no min range
Stats mc nondmg
Icon cleanse
Icon attackup


  • The Elementalist is inspired by a variety of superhero characters.
    • The default costume and artwork during class selection is primarily inspired by the DC Comics character Firestorm (in an alternate way).
    • The ability Ice Prison is inspired by the Marvel Comics character Iceman.
    • The ability Sand Trap is inspired by the Marvel Comics character Sandman.
    • The ability Hydro Helper is inspired by the DC Comics character Aquaman.
    • The Ultimate ability Elemental Onslaught is inspired by the Marvel Comics character Storm (similar with the inspiration for Wonder Tweek).
    • The animation for the Ice Prison ability is inspired from the song Let It Go, featured in the animated movie Frozen.
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