Whole Foods Market is a supermarket chain that was a major focus in the Season Nineteen episodes, "The City Part of Town", "Safe Space" and "PC Principal Final Justice". This store sells "natural" foods, such as foods without additives such as artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, and preservatives.


As a result of Herbert Garrison's behavior in "Where My Country Gone?", the town was mocked by Jimmy Fallon, which upsets the entire town. At the City Hall meeting, Randy Marsh proposes the idea of getting a Whole Foods, as it would "instantly validate us as a town that cares about stuff". After gentrifying the South of Downtown South Park and creating SoDoSoPa, a representative is sent out to review the town and determine if it is indeed worthy of a Whole Foods. This succeeds, but is built in SoDoSoPa's rival district. As a result, The SoDoSoPa district is abandoned.

In "Safe Space", Randy is embarrassed by a Whole Foods employee for not donating to starving children in Africa, multiple times. When Randy finally agrees to donate, he is again shamed and embarrassed in front of the shoppers, this time for donating the minimum of $1. Afterwards he is pressured by the worker to help his pet hamster go to college.

In "PC Principal Final Justice", The Whole Foods rises from the ground and floats away, after it is yelled at by Randy to leave South Park.


The Whole Foods' is a rather large building located next to City Wok in CtPaTown. Its interior consists of that one would find in a normal grocery store, multiple aisles of food, a bakery, and lines of check-outs near the front. The exterior is a wooden building with an extended concrete-esque block and window attachment on either side. A sign on the center of the building says "Whole Foods Market" in the same style as the actual logo. Below it there are two doors that allow access inside.


  • In Coon vs. Coon & Friends, Cartman claimed to have destroyed all of the Whole Foods Markets during his "making the world a better place" with Cthulhu. However, it is definitely possible that all of the Whole Foods were rebuilt during the events between that episode and The City Part of Town.


  • "Coon vs. Coon & Friends" - Cartman and Cthulhu destroy all the Whole Foods Markets.
  • "The City Part of Town" - Official debut appearance. Randy Marsh, Mayor McDaniels, and the rest of the town fight to have a Whole Foods built in South Park. Later, several townspeople and their families are seen shopping there.
  • "Safe Space" - An employee embarrasses Randy for not donating to starving children in Africa.
  • "PC Principal Final Justice" - Randy shouts at the Whole Foods to leave South Park. The building parts from the ground, rises in the air, and floats away.
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