The Canadian Department Of Mobile Gaming is a fictional arm of the Canadian government that was seen in the episode Freemium Isn't Free. The department developed video games including a video game with Terrance And Phillip in it and used micro-transactions (In App Purchases) to make revenue. 


After Terrance and Philip confronted the Canadian Minister of Mobile Gaming, he explained that making low quality games with micro-transactions was "harmless fun". He continued to explain to Terrance and Philip how making games that are not fun and entertaining will cause players to micro-pay to make the games more fun and enjoyable and said that a lot of other people were now doing micro-transactions. The Minister also told Terrance and Philip that some of the department's money could be used to teach people how to make responsible choices with micro-transaction purchases, citing how the alcohol industry uses the statement "Drink Responsibly". After Terrance and Philip confronted him again he explained that a small percentage of people actually pay for freemium games and also said that they are receiving large amounts of money to the point where they could start to rebuild Canada. After this, the Minister revealed that he was actually the Canadian Devil, better known as Beelzaboot. After Satan gets involved a fight begins, blowing up the entire area around the Department Of Mobile Gaming Headquarters, therefor disbanding the organization.

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