Gary Condit was a congressman in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1989-2003.


Gary Condit has grey hair, a wrinkled face, and high cheek bones. He smiles throughout his appearance in "Butters' Very Own Episode". He wears a blue suit and tie.


Gary Condit is portrayed as a liar in "Butters' Very Own Episode" as he claims that "Some Puerto Rican Guy" was actually the person who had an affair with Chandra Levy. This is likely a reference to Condit's initial denial that he had an affair with Levy, despite the vast amount of evidence against him.


"Some Puerto Rican Guy"编辑

After Stephen and Linda Stotch claim Butters was kidnapped by "Some Puerto Rican Guy", Gary Condit claims that "Some Puerto Rican Guy" was the person who had an affair with Levy.

John and Patricia Ramsey编辑

Condit joins the Ramseys for lunch. The Ramseys claim to believe that their daughter was also murdered by "Some Puerto Rican Guy".

O.J. Simpson编辑

O.J. Simpson is also present at the restaurant with Condit and the Ramseys. He claims that "Some Puerto Rican Guy" was responsible for the murders for which Simpson was notoriously tried and acquitted.

Stephen and Linda Stotch编辑

Stephen and Linda have lunch with Condit, the Ramseys, and O.J. Condit and the others chant that the Stotches are "one of [them]." Later, Condit is present at the press conference where the Stoches announce that they invented "Some Puerto Rican Guy".


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