The Washington Redskins are the NFL team of Washington, D.C.. They appeared in the Season Eighteen episode, “Go Fund Yourself”, where they destroyed Kickstarter in order to destroy Eric Cartman's start-up company, also called the "Washington Redskins", to prevent him from collecting the money the company made via Kickstarter. The Washington Redskins are owned by Dan Snyder.


In the episode, “Go Fund Yourself”, Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder confronts Eric Cartman, who has created a start-up company under the name "Washington Redskins", and asks him to stop using the name for his company, claiming that Cartman's use of the name is offensive to his football team and distorts . Cartman refuses, claiming that since the trademark for the Washington Redskins got pulled after a court ruling he can use it. Unable to legally make Cartman change the name, Dan Snyder goes to Roger Goodell and demands that he do something. Goodell, who is a robot, malfunctions and is unable to give an actual, substantial reply, delivering only empty platitudes. Snyder calls all the other NFL team owners on Skype to sort out a solution to his problem, and they agree to pressure Cartman into changing his company logo, which is the same as the logo of the football team.

Under this pressure, Cartman does change the logo. However, the new logo still maintains the original Redskins logo, just with an added pair of tits and male genitalia drawn onto the logo. In response, Snyder gathers his team and attacks Kickstarter headquarters, in the style of an American Indian attack, destroying their servers and thus destroying Cartman's company. However, Cartman, alongside Stan Marsh and Kyle Broflovski, reforms his company, changing the logo once more, now with two of the Redskins logos, with titties and balls and penises and one taking the other from behind.

Distressed about the joke that their team has become, all the Redskins team members quit before a game with the Dallas Cowboys. Unwilling to surrender, Dan Snyder goes out and faces the Cowboys, himself. Snyder gets brutalized by the Cowboys, repeatedly, and eventually the crowd, disgusted by the display, turns to support Snyder and the Redskins. The outraged crowd proceeds to boycott Cartman's Redskins, saying the name shouldn't be used in an offensive manner, following the "massacre" of Dan Snyder in his last stand with the Cowboys, and Cartman is forced to abandon his company.


The Washington Redskins' uniform consists of burgundy jerseys with the player number in white, gold pants with burgundy and white stripes, and burgundy helmets with gold and white stripes and the Washington Redskins' team logo. The team includes players Kirk Cousins, Stephen Bowen, and Chris Baker, among others, as well as head coach Jay Gruden. In the Go Fund Yourself Commercial, player Robert Griffin III was also present.

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