Mr. and Mrs. Drordy are the parents of Kip Drordy who appeared in the Season Fourteen episode “You Have 0 Friends”.


Mr. and Mrs. Drordy are seen at the kitchen table when Kip tells them that he made a friend on Facebook, that friend being Kyle Broflovski. They congratulation him on finally getting his first Facebook friend. They are seen again later when Kip tells them what he has been doing with Kyle all day.


Mr. Drordy has balding brown hair and brown eyebrows. He wears a light blue collared shirt, a brown tie, a black belt, black pants, and black shoes.

Mrs. Drordy has light brown curly hair and small light brown eyebrows. She wears a sky blue shirt with white borders, light brown pants, black shoes, pink lipstick, and small earrings on both ears.


Kip Drordy

Kip Drordy is Mr. and Mrs. Drordy's son. They appear to be very proud of him for making his first Facebook friend, though it unknown whether they are aware that he isn't physically hanging out with Kyle or not.

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