The City Hall is built of white stone and is oval shaped at the top and the bottom is square shaped with pillars on each side of the main doorway. The Mayor's Office is directly above the doorway.

The Mayor's Office

File:City Hall.png

The Mayor's Office has gray walls and a brown floor with a rug in the center of the room. The Mayor, Mayor McDaniels, sits behind a wooden desk with the South Park logo on it and her two aides normally flank her on either side.

City Council

Meeting room for the city councilors. There are usually nine City Council members.

Mayor's Bedroom

The Mayor is shown to live in City Hall. Her bedroom has pink walls and a pink bed.

Meeting Room

A small meeting room with grey walls and a red carpet. Able to fit some members of the town but not for large group meetings.


South Park: The Stick of Truth

Main Quest

During "Recruit the Girls", the New Kid meets Annie outside here, where she is being bullied. After fighting the bullies, the two become friends. Annie blindfolds the New Kid here to take him to the girls' secret base.

Side Quests

Mayor McDaniels gives the New Kid a task to get rid of all the homeless people in town. Upon completion, she friends him.

Father Maxi is found outside, where he gives the New Kid a quest to find Jesus.



  • Annie - Obtained after defeating the bullies.
  • Mayor McDaniels - Obtained after completing "The Homeless Problem".


  • Sna-kat - Found on a tree outside.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Main Quest

The Mayor calls the New Kid here to help her as someone is trying to replace her as mayor. Later on in the story, Mitch Conner is revealed to be the person behind it.

When the New Kid accidentally travels too far into the future, the Freedom Pals find Mitch Conner as mayor of South Park. Morgan Freeman calls the New Kid to Freeman's Tacos to fix things once and for all.

Side Quests

On the community board outside City Hall, one of Mr. Adams' headshots can be places.


Coonstagram Followers

  • Mayor McDaniels - Can be selfied with after unmasking Mitch Conner.
  • Johnson - Can be selfied with after selfieing with the Mayor.
  • Janson - Can be selfied with after selfieing with the Mayor.

Yaoi Art

  • Hanabi Waltz - Can be found on the community board outside.
  • Tweek and Craig: Reaching for Love - Can be found on the left wall in the Mayor's office (Snap 'N' Pops required).


  • Compendium of Chests - Can be found in one of the drawers in the Mayor's office.
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