The South Park Church is a Roman Catholic church run primarily by Priest Maxi, and sometimes Sister Anne or other characters. As most of the show's characters are Roman Catholic, it is the primary place or worship in town.

Mass is held on Sundays, although funerals are frequently held there and the Church often seems to be open for personal visitation as well.



The church is shaped in an arch shape with a cross on the top of the roof. It has one red double set of doors with a smaller cross above that. It has maroon glass stained windows.

The church's exterior is revised in “Cartman Sucks” to reflect the recent animation changes to the show, adding snow and dulling some of the finer details to create a more textured and refined appearance. The parking lot is moved to the right of the structure, where a few cars can be seen. The stained glass windows take a more purple appearance.

Although the building itself retains the same design as in the previous appearance, including the distinctive arch shape, the establishing exterior shot and scenery undergoes considerable changes in “Not Funny”, adding a pathway from the sidewalk, a significant number of trees around the area, and a slightly larger parking lot. A new, concrete exterior wall is introduced, behind which is a cemetery that can be seen from a distance. This was first seen in South Park: The Stick of Truth.

In “A Boy And A Priest”, the exterior was altered even more significantly, to accommodate wider shots featuring characters and a foreground parking lot. The building itself is revised to allow for a wider interior, now pushing out beyond the familiar arch shape that had characterized the building since the earlier seasons, with additional maroon stained glass windows on each side of this new mid-section. The exterior wall has also been changed to a thick wooden fence, with a visible gate, although the distant view of the cemetery is lost.


The Interior of the church is like any other church, with two columns of pews, an altar and various other religious items, primarily in shades of brown. Father Maxi's office has a desk, a cupboard and random items strewn about. The Sunday School room is run by Sister Ann and is similar to the kindergarten classroom, the table is circular and it has some toys littered around the room. The church also has a confession box where Father Maxi was caught having sex with Ms. Donovan.

In “Reverse Cowgirl”, the interior has been completely re-designed. The crosses on the doors are now part of the wood and plants can be seen either side. There is another door by the chapel, which next to that, is the new location of the confession box. It also has different benches and many more candles that can be seen along the side of the chapel. The other interior rooms have not been revisited since then.


South Park: The Stick of Truth

Side Quests

Father Maxi sends The New Kid here on a quest to find Jesus. After finding Jesus twice, both Maxi and Jesus friend the New Kid, and Jesus becomes a summon.

The New Kid also needs to go here to find Kevin Stoley's iPad, found on the right side of the church outside.

Al Gore calls the New Kid here to defeat ManBearPig once and for all. This turns out to be him dressed as ManBearPig, but the New Kid still needs to fight him.

Outside the church is one of the humans' banners the New Kid needs to knock down for DogPoo Petuski. Also outside is a flag for the Timmy Express.



  • Rosary - Obtained after completing "Find Jesus".


  • Jesus - Obtained after completing "Find Jesus".
  • Father Maxi - Obtained after completing "Find Jesus".


  • ManBearPig Claw - Looted off Al Gore after defeating him.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Main Quest

Father Maxi calls the New Kid here to find out about their religious alignment. He sends them into a room for you to face your fears. In the room, 2 pedophilic priests await the New Kid, who the New Kid must then defeat as they try to do questionable acts to them. Father Maxi apologises for the priests and gives him Moses as a summon.

Side Quests

A Fast Travel station can be found to the left of the church.

On the tree next to the fast travel station, Bono, one of Big Gay Al's cats, can be found. (TimeFart Pause required to get the cat).



Coonstagram Followers

Yaoi Art

  • I Choose You - Found on the wall in the dark room.


  • Purity Bond - Obtained after defeating the priests.
  • Amulet of Contemplation - Obtained from the chest in the storage room.


  • Church Storage Room Passcode - Found in the journal in the church office. Required to access the storage room.
  • Memberberries - Can be found by the confession booths.
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