The South Park Institute for Mental Health is a mental health facility that appeared in the Season Nine episode, "The Death of Eric Cartman".


The boys and most students are South Park Elementary ignore Eric Cartman, which causes him to believe that he had died. Butters, who wasn't aware that his classmates were ignoring Cartman, notices him and begins to help him atone for his transgressions. Butters also believed Cartman to be a ghost. After Cartman didn't "cross over" after his "Make It Right" montage, he trashes Butters bedroom.

Stephen and Linda Stotch become angry at Butters for the state of his room. They send him to the South Park Institute for Mental Health, after Butters claims his room was destroyed because of a ghost. The referring doctor diagnoses it as dimensia caused by the onset of Schizophrenia, due to a tragic past event.

At the Institute, Butters is subjected to intensive tests, which consists of anal probing. After 14 hours of these tests, the doctor diagnoses Butters with aggravated repressed-memory syndrome. Butters is eventually allowed to rest, but is awoken by Cartman, who takes him away from the facility.


The South Park Institute for Mental Health is a large, 4 story building with a yellow exterior and blue windows. The building itself is mostly plain, but has a curved-roof entryway with double doors.

Outside of the facility is a large walking area, which has a ground depicting a sun and has lit pylons around its perimeter. Just outside of this walking area is a large sign that says "South Park Institute for Mental Health".


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