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任务名 描述
The Battle for Kupa Keep
酷帕国之战 危机!危机!酷帕王国告急!沼人大肆进犯,士兵难以抵挡,全能的国王就是这王国最后而唯一的希望,离开你的王座,为子民战斗吧!
起源故事 新小孩的朋友们全都跑去玩超级英雄了......要是不想变成和别人一样的“呆子”,就赶紧跟上去吧!
Coonstagram (mission)
浣熊墙启动 学习当今世界的重要技能:自拍并把照片发到网上。
Alternate Universes Collide
平行宇宙相撞 Help Human Kite destroy his evil alternate self.
The Chains of Super Craig
超级克雷格的羁绊 Stripe is missing! Help Super Craig find him.
Birth of a Coon Friend
浣熊伙伴的诞生 Learn the basics of artifacts.
Rise of the Fourthies
四年仔崛起 The Sixth Graders are torturing a cat at the Bus Stop. Do what every fourth grader dreams of doing, and teach them a lesson.
Gotta Go Fast
必须快一点 Make life easier by discovering the Fast Travel Flag at Main Street.
Mosquito in a Honey Pot
蜜糖罐中蚊子侠 In order to fill out the Kryptonite section on your character sheet, you must save Mosquito from the temptresses known as the Raisins Girls.
A Touch of Faith
一触信仰 Talk with Father Maxi so he can help you face your fears.
The Talk
知心畅谈 Meet with Mr. Mackey to fill out the Sex/Gender section on your character sheet.
The Burrito Whisperer
玉米卷低语者 The Coon wants a taco, head over to Freeman's Tacos to get him one.
Origins 2; New Beginnings
起源故事2:新的开始 Get a second class and an updated origin story!
Civil War
内战 The Freedom Pals are invading main street. It's up to Coon and Friends to teach them a lesson, head over there and kick their asses!
Homeward Bound
返乡义务 It's hometime! Go home and get to bed, ready for your first night quest.
The Bowels of the Beast
凶兽之腹 In order to find Scrambles, you must infiltrate The Peppermint Hippo and confront The Girl with the Penis Tattoo. Only she has the answer.
“克拉西”机密 Go and see Classi for information on the cats.
Alternate Universes Collide Again
平行宇宙再相撞 Help Human Kite destroy his evil alternate self again.
Microaggression Academy
微侵略学院 Learn about microaggressions with PC Principal!
Medicinal Fried Fiasco
药炸危机 Learn new fart powers to get Classi's medication.
Operation Just Cause
Operation; Just 'Cause Sgt. Yates has news of a drug kingpin in town. Help him solve the case.
The Talk 2: The Gendering Return to Mr. Mackey for an advanced talk on your gender.
Operation; Blind Justice
Operation: Blind Justice Sgt. Yates has more details into the drug kingpin. Go fight the real "kingpin".
Origins 3; The Visitor
Origins 3: The Visitor Relive your origin story again as you pick a new class.
Civil War 2; Playtime's Over
Civil War 2: Playtime's Over The Freedom Pals are back, and they want revenge!
Race Academy; First Class
Race Academy: First Class Meet with PC Principal to fill out the Race/Ethnicity section on your character sheet.
We Need a Tool
We Need a Tool The Coon and Friends realise they need Toolshed in order to find the missing cat.
Under Covers
Under Covers Head home to bed, ready for tonight's mission!
The Hundred Hands of Chaos
The Hundred Hands of Chaos Go to U-STOR-IT and stop Professor Chaos once and for all!
The Chaos Gambit
The Chaos Gambit Gain the help of Professor Chaos in order to infiltrate the Freedom Pals.
The Invitation
The Invitation Meet Mitch Conner at SoDoSoPa.
The Samaritan Agenda
The Samaritan Agenda Perform with Tupperware and Wonder Tweek at the South Park Senior Center.
Origins 4; Omega Prologue
Origins 4: The Omega Prologue Relive your origin story once again as you gain your fourth class.
Nocturnal Submission
Nocturnal Submission Go to bed, ready for tonight's mission.
The Thin White Line
The Thin White Line Stop all the corrupt cops in order to get the cat.
Freedom Calling
Freedom Calling Head to the Freedom Pals base for some important news.
To Catch a Coon
To Catch a Coon Solve Mitch Conner's riddles in order to find his location.
The Many Asses of Dr. Mephesto
The Many Asses of Dr. Mephesto Meet Mephesto to find out about the missing cats.
Farts of Future Past
屁转未来 Travel through time with your farts in order to stop Mitch Conner from becoming mayor.


Name Description
Outtro raisins
葡萄干大暴走 Defeat 15 Raisins Girls.
A Perky Predicament
神气的困境 Help Mosquito defeat the Raisins Girls!
A Randy Mystery
烂底之谜 Somebody's keying Randy's car! Find out who it is, and stop them.
For Nippopolis

Get a cheesing vial to obtain a new summon!

Vigilante Marketing

Help Ms. Cartman promote her tutoring service.

The Big Beatdown

Save Ms. Cartman from the pimp and his hoes.

Always Bet on Chaos
在混沌上下注 Help Chaos get a loan for his minions!
Ghost Reconciler
幽灵调解人 Get Craig's laptop from Tweek.
Therapy Wars

Help Tweek and Craig with their couple counseling.

Peppermint Hippo Lost and Found
薄荷河马的失物招领 Find Jimbo 's wallet in The Peppermint Hippo .
Touch the Sky

Help the little Gay Fish get his mom into Heaven.

(You Can) Call on Me
(你可以)打给我 Help Call Girl defeat Crab People to fix her phone.

Scavenger Hunts

名称 描述
Scavenger Hunt; Big Gay Al's Big Gay Cats

Find all of Big Gay Al's cats.

Scavenger Hunt; The Headshot Job

Place all of Mr. Adams' headshots around town.

Scavenger Hunt; The Yaoi Project

Find all the Creek Yaoi art for Craig's dad.


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Coming soon

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