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扎隆遗物(Relics of Zaron)
Relics of Zaron
向真理之杖的史诗争夺战致敬!这是上古扎隆遗留的服装和良品。 October 17, 2017

Nintendo Switch: April 24, 2018
毛巾巾:你的游戏伴侣(Towelie: Your Gaming Bud)
Towelie; Your Gaming Bud
Receive an exclusive in-game assistant, Towelie: Your Gaming Bud. The streets of South Park aren't as safe as they used to be and even the most seasoned South Park veteran will need help. "Towelie: Your Gaming Bud" provides unique assistance to players at key locations throughout the game. October 30, 2017

Nintendo Switch: April 24, 2018
危险甲板(Danger Deck)
Danger Deck
The challenging Danger Deck will teleport you to never before seen locations throughout South Park to fight enemy encounters custom crafted by Tupperware. You can access Danger Deck in the Freedom Pals Base by interacting with the Danger Deck terminal, where you and your team of superheroes will be transported into these holographic battles. 

These increasingly difficult encounters, comprised of a variety of different enemies from the game, will test and push the limits of any superhero. You’ll be rewarded with items and costumes that are also usable on alternate playthroughs of the game.

December 19, 2017

Nintendo Switch: April 24, 2018
从黄昏到丽家(From Dusk to Casa Bonita)
From Dusk Till Casa Bonita
Mysterion's sister is in trouble. She's fallen in with the Vamp Kids of South Park, who have descended upon Cartman's favorite restaurant, Casa Bonita. Visit the famous family eatery and explore Black Bart's Cave, watch the cliff divers, taste the magic of Mexico and defeat the brood of Vampires.

Fight darkness with darkness and embrace the new Netherborn class, which features four new occult powers. Dress the part in new Goth costumes and gain some sweet loot. Enter the battle alongside Henrietta, the Goth: a powerful support Witch, and bring your new powers and buddy to the rest of your superhero adventure.

March 20, 2018

Nintendo Switch: April 24, 2018
爽脆降临(Bring the Crunch)
Bring The Crunch
Mint-Berry Crunch, aka Bradley Biggle, aka Gok-zarah, has just arrived from his home planet of Kokujon with the tremendous power of mint and berries. Meanwhile, an idyllic summer at Lake Tardicaca turns into a nightmare when the camp counselors go missing. With the fate of summer camp in jeopardy, Fastpass sends out a Coonstagram distress signal. Team up with Fastpass, Doctor Timothy, Professor Chaos and the newest member of the Coon & Friends, Mintberry Crunch, to save summer camp.

Players will also be able to embrace the new "Final Girl" class and overcome insurmountable odds to survive. This superhero class brings new combat tactics and traps to take down spooky enemies. After saving Lake Tardicaca, players will be able to bring their new powers and buddy to the rest of their superhero adventure.

July 31, 2018



名称 描述 条件
Assassin's Pack
Unlock the Assassin Costume, Hidden Blade Artifact, and upgrade recipes. Requiescat in pace.
Super Crafty Pack
A pack of crafting materials that includes 10x Tech/Scrap/Biohazard and 4x Glue/Duct Tape.
Gadget-Lover Pack
Like gadgets? Prove it with this pack of gadget-themed artifacts and upgrade recipes.
Iron Inventor Costume
Unlock the Iron Inventor Costume set, for the industrialist/crime fighter who has almost everything.
For Hardcore Goths Only
Life is pain so put on your Goth hair with customisable color streaks and Goth makeup.
Tree Fiddy in Cash
Kickstart your adventures with a cool $3.50. Don't spend it all in one place!
Coon and Friends Art Pack
Represent your favorite super-hero franchise with this pack of wallpapers and concept drawings.
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