Carlos Mencia is Latino-American born in Honduras. He appeared in the Season Thirteen episode “Fishsticks”, where he claimed to be the creator of the Fishsticks Joke.


After Mencia took credit for the Fishsticks Joke, Kanye West and his entourage beat him up with baseball bats, breaking his hand and ankle. After asking him what the joke meant a final time, Kanye decapitates him with the baseball bat, dissatisfied with his answer. The entourage stuff fish sticks down his open neck hole. He admits to stealing jokes and repackaging them in a Mexican accent, having a small, non-functioning penis, and not being funny.

Stealing Jokes

Comedian, MMA commentator, and radio talk show host Joe Rogan began a campaign in 2005 against Carlos Mencia, claiming he stole jokes and did not give proper credit to the comedians from whom he took material. In 2007, Joe Rogan interrupted Carlos's set at Los Angeles Comedy Store club humiliating him in front of an audience.

At the time “Fishsticks” aired, Mind of Mencia on Comedy Central was one of the most watched on the network, until Mencia refused to film a fifth season.


He wore blue jeans, a grey shirt, and a black and white striped jacket. He has black hair. His face appears visibly aged. 

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