南方公园试播集 南方公园试播集 卡特曼的肛门探针 火山爆发 火山爆发


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At the beginning of the episode, Cartman details his dream of him being abducted by aliens and receiving an anal probe. The others try to convince him it was real, but Cartman assumes they are just trying to scare him. Chef then pulls up and asks the boysif they saw a visitor spaceship, inadvertently confirming the reality behind Cartman's "dream". Chef is also wearing a T-shirt with a picture of an alien "visitor" on the back with the word "Believe", scaring Cartman even more. As Chef leaves, the school bus arrives, introducing Ms. Crabtree, a scary-looking, loudmouthed, middle-aged school bus driver who constantly tells the children to "Sit down and shut up!" As the bus is driving away, Kyle looks back and sees his brother Ike, being held by two visitors.

Meanwhile, Officer Barbrady investigates another cow mutilation on Farmer Carl Denkins' farm. Several other visitors try to lure away cows by whistling and offering straw. The cows are not falling into the trap as several aliens have turned them inside out. Barbrady explains that a cow turning inside out is nothing unusual, clearly revealing that he is an incompetent law officer. Also, when helicopters fly by, and the farmer asks what they were, Barbrady says they were pigeons.

The boys are now at school. Worried about his brother and how his parents will react, Kyle asks Mr. Garrison if he can be excused from school to find his brother. Mr. Garrison tells Kyle he has to ask his hand puppet, Mr. Hat, this is when Mr. Garrison and Mr. Hat's shared catchphrase of, "You go to hell! You go to hell and you die!" is introduced. Cartman laughs at Kyle and ends up farting fire at one of the children, Pip Pirrip.

After class, the four are standing in line for lunch. Cartman is still farting fire. Wendy Testaburger, who, as Cartman explains, "Stan wants to kiss," walks up to Stan, and Stan vomits on her several times out of nervousness. She gives Stan a note asking him to meet her at Stark's Pond after school. When the boys reach the front of the line, Kyle asks Chef what to do when someone does not believe you. Chef breaks out into a sultry, erotic, but an off-topic song about him "making love to a woman by the fire".

After being told visitors abducted Kyle's brother, Chef freaks out and says, "What the hell do you think you are doing in school eating Salisbury steak? Go find him, dammit!" A cyclops-like robot then pops up from behind Cartman and quickly retreats from whence it came, this ends up being the anal probe from Cartman's "dream". To help the children find Kyle's brother, Chef pulls the fire alarm.

When the children get out of school, Cartman still doesn't believe that he has gotten an anal probe from the visitors. While insisting that he not be under mind control, a beam from above hits him out of nowhere as he suddenly sings "I Love to Singa". The children use this as proof that visitors are controlling Cartman. Cartman, in all ignorance, still disagrees with their idea.

Just then, a spaceship appears. Kyle demands that they return Ike. In response, the aliens blast Kennywith a star-shaped object. Which causes Kenny to fly into the street, and he appears to be dead. Stan and Kyle respond by saying, "Oh my God! They killed Kenny!" "You bastards!" for the first time. Kenny, however, isn't dead yet. He stands up, only to have the herd of cattle that ran away from Jenkins' farm trample him. Kenny is still alive after this. Officer Barbrady finally kills him, in pursuit of the cattle, by running him over in his police car. Despite this, Cartman still denies that the visitors are real and that Kenny is dead. He decides to go home.

Stan and Kyle go to Stark's Pond to meet Wendy, although Kyle wants to keep looking for Ike. Wendy shows up, and Stan vomits when she speaks to him. Kyle tells Wendy what happened to his brother, and she suggests that they use Cartman as bait to draw the aliens back.

To lure the visitors back, Stan, Kyle, and Wendy tie Cartman up to a tree. After Cartman farts flames several times, an 80-feet wide satellite dish protrudes from his rectum. After the visitor spaceships show up, Ike is revealed when a door on the ship opens. Kyle gets Ike to jump from the ship by telling him to do his impersonation of David Caruso's career. Before boarding their spaceship, the visitors talk to the cows. The visitors tell the cows that they are the most intelligent life form that they found on Planet Earth. The cows want to know why they turned some of their cow friends inside, tells him to do his impersonation of David Caruso's career. Before boarding their spaceship, the visitors talk to the cows. The visitors tell the cows that they are the most intelligent life form that they found on Planet Earth. The cows want to know why they turned some of their cow friends inside out; the visitors explain that it was "Carl's fault, he's new" and give them a device that makes people sing. Before leaving, the visitors abduct Cartman again.

Meanwhile, Officer Barbrady find the cows and demands them to come back, but the cows use the device the visitors made on him and make him sing I Love To Singa.

The next morning, Cartman falls from the sky and lands at the bus stop. One of his eyes is red. He immediately describes to Stan and Kyle a "dream" he had about getting pinkeye from Scott Baio aboard the alien spacecraft.


  • 本集是南方公园系列的首部完整剧集。许多角色在本集中首次出现,包括但不限于:
  • 在片头曲中,第二部短片耶稣圣诞老人打斗的场景出现在了路边的广告牌上。
  • 本集排在十大改变世界的南方公园剧集中的第九名。
  • 本集是用硬彩纸和定格动画制作的,但却也是唯一一集使用这种方法制作的剧集,从“要你肥4000”开始的每一集(包括为本集特意制作而原版试播集没有的额外场景)都是使用电脑制作的(除了“象猪交配”的一小段镜头外)。
  • 在食堂的横摇镜头中可以听到和凯尔的表弟凯尔·施瓦兹相同的声音,谈论着他的腹胀,是一个有着丝般黑发的犹太孩子,和凯尔·施瓦兹并不像,他要在四季之后才会出场。
  • 卡特曼首次说出他的口头禅“去你们的,我要回家了。”
  • 两名哈西迪男孩出现在食堂里,其中一个长得很像杰森,他要在第六季才会有正式出场。
  • 贝蓓·斯蒂文斯瑞德出现在校巴里,她们的穿着和她们在以后剧集中的穿着不一样。
  • 斯坦是第一个放屁的角色,他在校巴里放屁,凯尔回应道:“你放屁了!”,而卡特曼则回应道:“有人在烤布朗尼蛋糕!”
  • 巴布雷迪警官的警车上写着“恭维与烦扰”。
  • 帽子先生在本集中没有眼睛。
  • 在首次播映时,本集原本被分级为TV-14。
  • 在本集最新的高清重制版本中,所有的镜头都还是硬彩纸制作的,宽高比也还是保持在4:3而不是16:9。
  • 卡特曼的家中有一张马特·斯通的姐妹的照片。
  • 食堂里的牛奶上写着“帕克的牛奶”,指的是本片的联合制作人特雷·帕克。
  • 本集是南方公园工作室唯一永久免费的一集。
  • 本集以及本系列的第一句侮辱词是“他妈的”。
  • 炉边谈话”开头的音乐在卡特曼走进屋子时也有播放。
  • 加里森老师说,克里斯托弗·哥伦布发现了美洲大陆,还和印第安人成为了“好朋友”,他帮他们打赢了和弗雷德里克·道格拉斯的战争,还从拿破仑手下解放了希伯来人并发现了法国,这一切都发生在1492年之前。
  • 黑板上出现了以下几个句子:“乔尼扔了红色的球”、“我吃了太多的古斯米”、“别拿我爷爷来说笑”以及“我不敢肯定,但我觉得凯茜·李·吉福德比她本人自称的要老得多了”。


  • 在原版试播集中,大厨给孩子们几个超辣的墨西哥粽来帮他们溜出去。斯坦、凯尔和肯尼把他们的墨西哥粽给了被五年级生欺负的卡特曼。他吃下了全部四个粽子,这让他可以放屁放出火来,而在本集中则是他的肛门探针在作怪。
  • 在原版试播集中,温蒂·泰斯伯格皮普·皮瑞普没有出现在教室中,另有一位红发和金发女生分别坐在他们的位子上。在本集中,两位女生直到卡特曼放出火焰前都还在教室里,之后就被换成了温蒂和皮普。
  • 在原版试播集中,皮普滑下滑梯,脑袋撞到了杆子上,肯尼的笑声和他告诉斯坦他可以在约会上做些什么时的笑声是一样的。而在本集中,他告诉斯坦时的这一幕,他的笑声有所改变。
  • 在斯坦脑袋边起舞的小小爱心原本只是升起并飘浮,而在本集中,它们早已出现,随之而来的是斯坦大大的笑容。
  • 原版的试播集比本集长两分钟。
  • 肯尼在那集中没有死去。
  • 所有路人女性角色都是由Kari Turner配音。
  • 在教室的一幕中,凯尔说“去你妈的帽子先生”,而加里森老师则回应说“不不不不,去你妈的”,这令整个班级为之震惊。
  • 增加了几幕原版试播集没有的镜头。这几幕是用的电脑动画制作的。