The Twin Pines Plaza is a shopping center located in South Park that has made a few appearances throughout the series. It first appeared in the Season Nine episode "Trapped in the Closet".


In "Trapped in the Closet", The Boys shop at the Komik Faktory store located in the Twin Pines Plaza to buy some comic books. Stan also comes across a Scientology center in the plaza and has his thetan levels tested.

In "Bloody Mary", the sign for the plaza can be seen through the window at Ichi Ban Karate Dojo as the karate instructor leads the class.

In "The Ring", Kenny McCormick visits Ticketmaxx to buy tickets for the Jonas Brothers concert for his date with Tammy Warner. Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh and Kyle Broflovski meet him outside in the parking lot and warn him about oral sex and the germs inside a girl's mouth.

In "1%", the Twin Pines Plaza has a Red Robin located in it where Jimmy and Butters decide to protest because the entire school is being punished for Cartman being unhealthy.

In "A Boy And A Priest", Butters Stotch wanders through the plaza and calls out to Father Maxi, who is sitting in front of a dumpster next to one of the businesses there. As Father Maxi gets up and tries to leave, he tells Butters about his issues with the church. It is also shown that Stevenson's Hummer is across the street from the plaza.

List of shops and businesses

  • Red Robin
  • FedEx Office
  • Ichi Ban Karate Dojo
  • Bar None
  • Samba Juice
  • Marleau's Pizza
  • Lucky Nails
  • Komik Faktory
  • Fitness, Sports, & Nutrition
  • Self Help Center
  • Buttons and More
  • The Big Deal
  • 1Hr. Photo
  • Sam's Trophy Room
  • The Shnookie Nook
  • Scientology Center
  • Ticketmaxx
  • The Shnookie Nook
  • Sam's Trophy Room
  • Video Vegas
  • Rogosin's


  • The Twin Pines Plaza is a possible reference to the Twin Pines Mall from Back to the Future.
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