Eric Cartman is captured by the Sooper Foods president and his executives for trying to scare the children away from his promotional Easter egg hunt with stories of the Jewpacabra. The grocery store employees dress Cartman up as a bunny and chain him to a pillar in the park to use as bait in capturing the Jewpacabra. The Bigfoot Researchers, who are hunting the Jewpacabra, see Cartman and think he is a "Bunny Man". They shoot him with a tranquilizer dart, which induces a dream of ancient Egypt and the story of the plagues that Kyle's mother told him about earlier.

Egyptian Dream

Egyptian Cartman is frightened by the frogs falling from the sky and being splattered everywhere. He wonders what is happening. An Egyptian man tells him that the plagues are coming. Then he goes to his friend, Hebrew Kyle, who tells him god is angry with the Egyptians who made them slaves and his people should be freed for the plagues to stop.

Egyptian Cartman goes to talk to his Father, the Pharaoh of Egypt. He explains to him the Hebrews must stay in Egypt saying it is a political and economic matter. He also explains that the Egyptian god is not cruel like the Hebrew god is and life will go back to normal eventually. The Pharaoh and Cartman begin to sing an uplifting song. Cartman leaves the palace feeling reassured. Until he sees Hebrews slaughtering lambs and smearing the blood on their doors to protect themselves from the last plague which is death of the first born sons. Egyptian Cartman asks Egyptian Kyle why they're doing this. Kyle explains that this is how god does things. He walks through the palace and sees a first-born boy ask why he's dying, and the boy vomits blood and dies. Cartman runs through the streets and passes another boy after seeing that boy's head explode. He then passes a Hebrew man offering him a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich. Egyptian Cartman rejects the offer because the bread is so flat. Egyptian Cartman's head explodes at the end of the dream.

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