Kokujon is an extraterrestrial planet mentioned in the Season Fourteen episode, "Coon vs. Coon & Friends".


Mintberry Crunch and Mysterion are interrupted while fighting Cthulhu and The Coon, by a human looking alien. The alien identifies himself as Bradley Biggle's biological father and reveals his real name as Gok-zarah from the planet Kokujon.

Not much is known about this planet, except it is famous throughout the universe for its berry mines. Its berries have the power to fuel nearly anything. It was invaded by the mint hunters of Kogenrah, who brought Mint to that world, which is the reason for Gok-zarah's hybrid superpower.

Zarganor are enslaved upon this planet, one family being owned by Mintberry Crunch's family, to pick their cotton-berries.


  • According to Mintberry Crunch, Kokujon has no school.
  • Mintberry Crunch is seemingly amazed by the number of suns on planet Earth, implying that the Kokujon has more than one suns.
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