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史蒂文斯女士 appeared in the 第三季 episode, "热带雨林惊魂" as the choir teacher for the 童乐合唱队 organization.


She has a habit of cocking her head to one side and is very passionate about the rainforest. However, at the end of the episode "热带雨林惊魂", she realizes that the rainforest is a dangerous place, and agrees with the construction workers that they should knock the whole forest down. Acting as his foil, she grows to hate 埃里克·卡特曼.

She has also made at least one other non-speaking appearance in "小镇的城市区", as the director of the children's choir welcoming the Whole Foods inspector.


Ms. Stevens has short dark brown hair and she had several different outfits shown in the episode. Her hair is similar to 泰斯伯格太太.

When she's wearing her GGWK uniform she is wearing a yellow t-shirt with an open mouth on it and 'SING!' written across the top. She also wears a knee length purple skirt and black shoes.

Casual Attire

Her casual clothes are a violet bonnet, with a pink shirt and a purple skirt.

Hiking Attire

When trekking in the wilderness she wears a brown jacket, with a rucksack on her back, a hat and khaki shorts.

Yamagampa Attire

When offered to the Yamagampa tribe's giant, obese leader, she was wearing a red and white cheerleader uniform. She also appeared to be barefoot.



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