合众无神联盟 (UAA)是在另一时间线上,二十一世纪中叶建立的无神论组织。合众无神联盟相信“终极问题”的答案(无神论者该如何称呼自己)是“合众无神联盟”,他们认为他们的答案比其他无神论者更有逻辑。 an organization founded in the mid-21st century in an alternate timeline. The UAA believe that their answer to the great question of what atheists should call themselves makes more sense than the rival groups'. Cartman appears to work with the Alliance for the most part despite being unfrozen by the Unified Atheist League (UAL) and spending a lot of off screen time with the Allied Atheist Alliance (AAA).


The Allied Atheist Alliance appear in “Go God Go” and “Go God Go XII

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