Gene Hackman is a former American actor. Among other roles, he played Lex Luthor opposite Christopher Reeve as Superman in the Superman film series.


Gene AKA "Hack Man" attempts to persuade Christopher Reeve to stop sucking baby fetus stem-cells, which he uses to cure his paralysis. Christopher becomes a super villain and forms a Legion of Doom, out of his resentment towards Hackman's protesting of stem-cells research. Hackman uses the public's support to get a law passed through the US Government to ban stem-cells so Christopher cannot get them anymore. Somehow, Christopher gets imprisoned in the "Phantom Zone" glass pane and sent into outer space like the super villains from Superman II.


Gene Hackman is a very elderly looking man with grey hair and a mustache. He dresses very simple, wearing a red shirt, brown pants, and a gray hat.


  • "Krazy Kripples" - He tries to tell Christopher Revee to stop eating baby fetuses to cure his paralysis. Gene gets support from the public to ban stem cells so Chris cannot get them anymore.
  • "Trapped in the Closet" - Stan tells Tom Cruise he is not as good of an actor as Leonardo DiCaprio, Gene Hackman or the guy who played Napoleon Dynamite (Jon Heder).
  • "Britney's New Look" - Seen in the crowd scene.
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