Gino was a crime boss and drug dealer who appeared in "Lil' Crime Stoppers", as the owner of The Peppermint Hippo and a figure in the South Park criminal underworld.


Gino is most likely Italian. He is heavyset, has receding black hair, and has a large nose. He is seen wearing a white suit with a dark gray shirt and red tie.


Gino is a cold and hardened criminal. Lt. Dawson describes him and his men as "cop killers." When the boys are brought to Gino's office, he first considers using them to smuggle drugs, and when one of his assistants recognizes the boys as "cops," Gino has no problem with trying to shoot them.


Crooked Cops

Murphy and Jenkins were on Gino's payroll as bodyguards and worked at the Peppermint Hippo. During the police raid, Murphy turns on Gino and Jenkins killing them so he could keep the money for himself.

The McCormicks

Gino forced Stuart McCormick and his wife to manufacture drugs for him. The McCormicks were later arrested in "The Poor Kid" for having a "meth lab".

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