Mr. Hakeem is Baahir Hassan Abdul Hakeem's father. His only appearance was in the Season Eleven episode “The Snuke”. His role in the episode was quite insignificant, having but a few lines. He has not appeared since.


Mr. Hakeem wears formal clothes, which consists of black slacks, a black dress coat, and a white formal shirt. He has black curly hair and a thick mustache.


Mrs. Hakeem编辑

Mrs. Hakeen is his wife, whom he's very protective of and shows obvious signs that he cares for and loves her very much. When Eric Cartman was interrogating them about their son, Baahir, Mr. Hakeem shows extreme concern for his wife due to Cartman farting profusely in her face.

Baahir Hakeem编辑

Baahir is his son, whom he also cares for and loves very much. Towards the end of “The Snuke”, he is finally reunited with his son and decides to move his family out of South Park.

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