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[[en:Oh, Jeez]]
[[en:Oh, Jeez]]
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At the Park County Community Center, the townsfolk are watching the election results. They watch in shock as Garrison wins the election. Randy comes in and yells about how the country is doomed. A person in the back of the community center shoots himself. Garrison is shown giving his acceptance speech with Caitlyn Jenner next to him. He promises to make the country great again and will start by fucking everybody to death.

Cartman is then shown knocking on the door to the Stotch Residence. Butters answers it and Cartman asks him if he sent him an email about the Ghostbusters movie being ruined by chicks. Butters angrily snaps at him about dating Heidi and not sticking with the boys. Butters angrily demands Cartman to leave.

A reporter stands in front of a barrier that is blocking the city of Fort Collins. The city is shown in chaos with buildings on fire and cars destroyed. A man tries to climb down the barrier, saying his wife is pissed at him but he is shot by the military before being able to climb down.

A helicopter is flying around the Broflovski Residence, suddenly the secret service pulls up to their house. Gerald runs in saying that the government has finally got him and he freaks out. As secret service agents enter the house, Gerald gets behind Sheila who defends their actions of peeing on each other. Gerald agrees to go with the agents as he tells the family goodbye. Kyle, Ike, and Sheila look at each other in confusion.

Cartman and Heidi sit at the park as Heidi says she feels upset about still being disconnected from reality. Cartman starts crying about Amy Schumer after Heidi asks him why he thinks woman are so funny. They both agree that the election has scared them as they both comfort each other.

Gerald is taken under the Freemont Bridge as Hillary Clinton appears in the darkness. Gerald is shocked, originally thinking it was Dildo Shwaggins. She tells Gerald he will be sent in undercover to Denmark to steal the technology.

Randy angrily knocks on Garrison’s door. Caitlyn answers as Randy walks in, Garrison has an emotionless look on his face. Randy bashes him about ruining the country and they both start to argue about the new Star Wars. Caitlyn tells Randy that some people like nostalgia as suddenly she throws up on Randy. Memberberries are heard talking as Randy calms down.

Government officials tell Gerald he will be going to Denmark posing as a foreign ambassador from the Turkish Islands. He is supposed to go into the TrollTrace building with a briefcase that will knock out the servers and blow up the building. The agents ask him if he can change his voice, he starts doing various voices, including some from Family Guy.

At the Broflovski Residence, Ike is playing Minecraft on his computer as Gerald pops up on a FaceTime call. Kyle runs in concerned and starts talking to Gerald about how he needs him to explain things to him and that he is confused. Gerald tells Kyle to lighten up and stop being a pussy. Ike says "Daddy called you a pussy" as Kyle looks confused about what just happened.

At South Park Elementary, PC Principal addresses the school about healing and coming together after the election. Bill Clinton comes out and announces Bill Clinton's Gentleman's Club. Bill Cosby comes out as they both start singing. The students are seen looking as they continue singing.

Heidi is in her room doing homework as Cartman comes in panic, he says in an urgent tone that they need to go to Mars as soon as possible. Cartman assures her that he has a plan to do so.

In Denmark, Gerald is seen at the airport as he is directed to his escort. He arrives at the TrollTrace building as Lennart Bedrager meets him.

Stan is in a restaurant trying to talk to Wendy, who remains emotionless the entire time while Stan is talking. Bill Clinton is giving Stan tips on what to say. Butters suddenly knocks on the locked door, declares Stan a traitor to the boys, and starts rubbing his wiener against the door, Cosby called this “pressin’ pickle”.

At the TrollTrace building, Gerald and Lennart are talking. He shows a picture of Freja Ollegard on the screen, and Gerald begins to silently chuckle. Lennart starts reading the fake names, which causes Gerald to laugh even harder. Lennart asks if he is ready to see the servers, he gets in Gerald's face, a little suspicious as to why he was chuckling.

At the Stotch Residence, Bill Clinton knocks on the door. Steven and Linda Stotch introduce themselves as the door is opened. Bill asks to speak with Butters, who is obviously grounded. Butters is sticking his wiener out the window. Bill Clinton asks if they could have a talk.

At the Marsh residence, the family is eating dinner as Randy asks if everybody is excited about the future of America. Shelly responds, who isn’t happy about it saying that America is going to suck for 4 years. Randy and Sharon start arguing about the new Star Wars as Randy throws up on her and Shelly.

Gerald is invited into the server room at the TrollTrace building, he walks in and starts taking photos with his camera glasses. He runs into Dildo Shwaggins, which shocks Gerald. All of the internet trolls are seen in the room. After hearing that the Danish wanted Gerald and all of the internet trolls for driving Freja Ollegard to suicide, Gerald tries to escape the room but has no luck. The briefcases start beeping and open up to a video playing Rick Astley’s song “Never Gonna Give You Up”. The trolls watch in confusion realizing that the Danish have just trolled them back.

Bill Clinton and Butters sit down and have a conversation about Butters “Pickle Pressing”. Butters is crying after he asks him if a girl broke his heart. Bill tells Butters they are close to the end and that everybody is fucked because woman are pissed off and that they must act like they have changed and need to start kissing ass before TrollTrace becomes public and makes everything worse or else men will end up "underground and milked for their semen".

Cartman and Heidi climb up a hill holding hands as the Space X building is seen in the distance. Cartman's journey to Mars, lives on.

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