"Third Grade Memories" is a song sung by Eric Cartman in the Season Four episode, "Fourth Grade". It is about him and the other students reminiscing about their memories in the third grade.


Remember how it used to be in the Third Grade?
We used to laugh and play and cherish each day in the Third Grade.
We learned wondrous things from a teacher so nice
Sat on marshmallow desks with teddy-bear smiles
The world seemed to all make sense
But that sense seems to slowly fade
After Third Grade.
In Third Grade we used to write with crayons
We would make sparkly pictures with glitter and glue
We had warm cookies and hearts full of love
And there wasn't a care in the world for me... of you...
There's not a thing in this life that I wouldn't trade just to go back, for one minute
To Third Grade.

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