"On a Colorado Farm" is a montage song featured in Season Twenty-Two episode, “Tegridy Farms”.


Randy tells Sharon he's sick of living in South Park after finding out Shelly is vaping, and he wants to move onto a farm. A montage then plays of the family moving to Tegridy Farms, with this song playing in the background. They sell the house and Randy starts making weed and hemp milk, with the rest of the family annoyed at him.


This ol' world is getting to me.
There's just no trust, no 'tegridy.
So I loaded up the kids, took my wife by the arm,
And I moved on out to a Colorado farm.
Now it's early to bed, early to rise.
The crops are plowed and it's no surprise
City folks are fightin' and I don't give a darn (darn, darn)
'Cause I make my livin' on a Colorado farm.
I gotta drive the tractor, gotta cut the grass
Chut-chut goes the baler like it's never gonna last
There's food in the kitchen and there's bud in the barn (barn, barn)
That's life livin' on a Colorado farm.
Ice-cold beer, pickup truck. Country music, listin' shit.
We got tegridy to keep us warm.
That's what you get on a Colorado farm.
And I'm gonna stay on a Colorado farm.

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