The Ethiopian Tribe is a tribe located in Ethiopia, Africa. They appeared in two episodes; "Starvin' Marvin" in Season One and "Starvin' Marvin in Space" in Season Three.


"Starvin' Marvin"

While watching a commercial about widespread hunger in Ethiopia, the boys donate to the cause with the hopes of receiving a Taiko Sport watch as a reward. Instead of the watch, a young Ethiopian boy is accidentally sent to them.

Having adopted the child, as a group, the boys take turns caring for him. They name him 'Starvin' Marvin' and take him to school. Mr. Garrison realizes the mistake and calls the authorities so Marvin can be sent back to Africa.

Looking for Marvin, the F.B.I. arrives at Eric Cartman's home in hopes of retrieving the child. Not wanting to return to Africa, Marvin advises the F.B.I. that Cartman is the Ethiopian child they are looking for, causing him to be sent to Africa in Marvin's place.

Upon arriving in Africa, Cartman begins to feel extremely hungry, patronizing the tribe for food. He then notices a small structure in the distance and finds Sally Struthers inside it, hoarding food. After this has been revealed to the Ethiopian tribe, she is then tied up with an apple in her mouth.

Back in the United States, the mistake is realized and Starvin' Marvin is promptly returned to his tribe in Africa with an abundance of turkeys.

"Starvin' Marvin in Space"

After an alien spacecraft lands in Africa, near the Ethiopian tribe, the alien disembarks his vessel, however, is soon eaten by a lion. Still annoyed by the Christian missionaries plaguing his tribe, Starvin' Marvin discovers the pilot-less ship and enters it.

Marvin pilots the ship, into space, in search of a better place to live for his parents, his tribe, and himself. Upon hearing of this atrocity, the Federal Bureau of Investigation enlists Sally Struthers to help capture the stolen vessel.

After a long space battle between Starvin' Marvin, the F.B.I., and the CBC Network, all parties arrive on the planet called Marklar, deemed to be a paradise by the Ethiopian tribe. The F.B.I. and the missionaries return to Earth, with the boys, and leave the tribe to settle on Marklar undisturbed.