Amir was seen in the Season Twelve episode, "Over Logging", where he was seen as Shelly Marsh's internet boyfriend from Montana.


Amir and Shelly appeared to be in love when they were shown chatting on the internet. Their eventual meeting at the Internet Refugee Camp, in California, was awkward, as both were shy to speak to each other face to face. As they walk away from each other, the couple vow to continue online dating, as Amir tells her he will e-mail her when he gets back home.

Their relationship likely ended, given Shelly's subsequent involvement with Larry Feegan in "Broadway Bro Down".


Amir is likely of Middle Eastern descent. He wears an over-sized white T-shirt and baggy, gray pants.


In, "Over Logging", he seemed to lack social skills, only being able to chat with Shelly over the internet and becoming very nervous when talking to her in person.