夏威夷是第五十与距今最近加入美国的州份,出现在第十六季的"寻根之旅"。Butters Stotch is revealed to be a native from the island of Kauai, HI.


Hawaii is a chain of tropical islands in the Pacific Ocean. They have jungles, volcanoes, rivers, and beautiful beaches. Due to Butters recent aggressive behavior at school, his parents, Stephen Stotch and Linda Stotch, send him to Hawaii so he can perform the hapa noa ceremony, this ritual will prove his maturity and get his anger under control.


The natives are all rich white Americans who have settled in Hawaii and now feel entitled to all of the privileges of being a "native". The natives are condescending to tourists or new arrivals to the island calling them "haoles".


All of the native Hawaiians use a discount purchase card called the Mahalo Rewards Card. The United States Government tries to take the cards away, which causes conflict with the natives.


The language uses words that sound as if they could be of Polynesian origin.

  • Apanua hapa noa - A ritual rite of passage that test feats of courage and strength.
  • Chi Chi - An beverage using vodka and pineapple juice similar to the piña colada.
  • Kapu - Forbidden or sacred, related to taboo.
  • Keiki - A young child.
  • Haoles - A foreigner to the islands of Hawaii.
  • Mahalo - A greeting among the natives meaning thank you, it is also a special credit card used for discounts on purchases.
  • Panua - A biological age of development of a child into a teenager.
  • Poké - A raw fish salad served as an appetizer in Hawaiian cuisine.


Bubba Burgers

A hamburger restaurant.

Kuwahara Saimin

A drive through restaurant that serves traditional Hawaiian cuisine.

Sheridan Kauai Resort

The hotel where haoles stay.

Sheraton Residences

The gated community where the natives live.


An abandoned restaurant where the ghost of the King resides, the king being Elvis Presley.

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