• “南方孩子国” - 当克莱德声称他的父母猥亵他的时候短暂出现。
  • 护戒使团再临双塔” - 男孩们和克莱德说起了他们的任务。
  • “烂货选举” - 卡特曼巴特斯来这里让克莱德投大便三明治的票。
  • “红发小孩” - 克莱德被红发小孩们袭击。
  • “解救威兹雅克” - 布莱恩迈克与贝茜·多诺万谈起了鲸布
  • “做爱做的事” - 克莱德在这里玩《魔兽世界》。
  • “头虱危机” - 克莱德试图摆脱他的头虱。
  • “名单风波” - 亚伯拉罕·林肯向凯尔展示了好看的人的一生。
  • “神秘侠崛起” - 浣熊侠联盟调查了克苏鲁
  • “瘾宝宝运动协会” - 克莱德打电话以得知史莱许是否是真的。
  • “马桶圈风波” - 贝茜在克莱德忘记放下马桶圈后死去了。
  • “无人机风波” - 罗杰·多诺万主持召开邻里监督会议。
  • “软文” - 吉米在这里派送《超级学校新闻》。
  • “可恶的人” - 当凯尔在电话会议上告诉他们警察的事时出现。
  • “滑板车惊魂” - 肯尼来问他能不能和克莱德帮一起去“不给糖就捣乱”。


Main Quest

After Cartman kicks Clyde out of Kupa Keep, Clyde steals the Stick of Truth and builds a fortress in his backyard with an Army of Darkness. The final quest is set here, where the New Kid, the Humans and the Elves, among other factions, must defeat Clyde's army and reclaim the stick.

Enemies faced include Nazi Zombies, rejuvenated by some green toxic waste. Notable zombies include Chef, reincarnated as the penultimate boss. After Chef is defeated, Cartman banishes Clyde and reclaims the stick. Before they can escape, the Big Bad Government Guy arrives. After Cartman explains the stick, the Big Bad Government Guy tries to recruit the New Kid, but Princess Kenny comes instead, and she becomes the final boss. After she is defeated, she becomes a Nazi Zombie, which the New Kid must defeat again. The princess is finally defeated once the New Kid farts on her balls.


  • Friends
    • Ike Broflovski - Friends the New Kid after he sets off fireworks up the top of the fortress.
    • Big Gay Al - Can be friended if the New Kid answers the phone found up Mr. Slave's ass.
    • Mr. Hat - Automatically obtained as the New Kid passes him while up Mr. Slave's ass.
    • Kelly P. Gardner - Can be friended outside the house.
    • Pete Melman - Can be friended on the second floor of Clyde's garage.
  • Chinpokomon
    • Shoe - Can be collected above the gate before re-entering the fortress.
  • Costumes
    • Knight Helmet - Can be found in the chest in the tower to the right of Ike.
    • Knight Armor - Found in a chest in the upper left area of the room after defeating Craig.
    • Knight Gauntlets - Can be looted from the cyclops on the first floor of the fortress.
    • Condom Cap - Found up Mr. Slave's ass behind where the bat was.
    • Crown of Anal Pleasure - Obtained automatically after disarming the snuke inside Mr. Slave.
    • Druid Crown - Found in the yellow chest in the garage by Pete Melman.
  • Weapons
    • Vibroblade - Can be looted from a Nazi Zombie Bacteria by the phone up Mr. Slave's ass.
    • Lawn Dart - Found in a chest under the balcony on the first floor.
    • Greataxe of the Warrior - Automatically obtained after being promoted to King Douchebag.
    • Wizard's Staff - Automatically obtained after being promoted to King Douchebag.
    • Fucking Ninja Stars - Automatically obtained after being promoted to King Douchebag.
    • Morning Star of David - Automatically obtained after being promoted to King Douchebag.


  • In “South Park: The Fractured But Whole”, the address of Clyde's house is revealed (via Ferrari's Coonstagram post) to be 2201 W. Bonanza Street, during mission “Raisins on a Rampage”.
    • The street name is Bonanza, which is the same as Marsh Residence.
    • However in episodes, the street number is shown to be 2210 clearly, which indicates that there might be an error in the game's development, so the actual address of Clyde's house should be 2210 W. Bonanza Street.
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