The Handicapped Girl with Big Chin is a student at South Park Elementary, who first appeared in the Season Eight episode, "Up the Down Steroid", where she is seen training for the special Olympics. She also appeared on the episodes "Crippled Summer", "Sponsored Content" and "Moss Piglets", but her most prominent role was on the episode "Funnybot" where she is seen as Jimmy Valmer's stage guitarist.


As her name says, she has an incredibly large chin, which makes her always seem to be tilting her head up, she has long curly black hair and her mouth appears to be more to the right of her face than in the middle. She was seen wearing several different clothes throughout the episodes, in "Crippled Summer" she wore the standard blue uniform of the tardicaca lake, in "Funnybot" she wore a yellow shirt and a purple skirt and in "Moss Piglets" she wore a white vest with a badge on the right side.


  • Like all the girls on the blue team, she is not based on any cartoon character.