"A Ladder to Heaven" is a song sung by Alan Jackson in the Season Six episode, "A Ladder to Heaven".


While the boys are building the ladder to heaven, in an attempt to reach Kenny McCormick, they run out of building material. Eventually, Alan Jackson arrives to sing this song in support.



First Version

Where were you,
when they built the Ladder to Heaven?
Did it make you feel like crying?
Or did you think it was kinda gay?
Well I for one believe in the Ladder to Heaven
Ooh yeah yeah yeah, 9-11
I said 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9, 9-11

Second Version

Where were you,
When they ran out of stuff to build the Ladder to Heaven?

Third Version

Where were you,
When they saved that Ladder to Heaven?

Fourth Version

Where were you,
When they decided Heaven was a more intangible idea
And couldn't, you couldn't really...get there?

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