"The Cheesy Poofs Theme Song" is sung by Eric Cartman in the Season Two episode, "Roger Ebert Should Lay off the Fatty Foods".


Instead of joining the rest of the class at the Planetarium, Eric Cartman sneaks off and auditions for a Cheesy Poofs commercial. He is hired to be in the advertisement, where he is dressed to look like a gigantic Cheesy Poof. Every time Cartman sings the song, the producers cut it and think it is wrong. For the commercial's final cut, Cartman's act was cut and replaced with a more elaborate commercial with a professional singer singing the theme song. The sole uncut part was Cartman in costume saying "lame". Despite this obvious case of misrepresentation, Cartman is thrilled at being on TV.



I love cheesy poofs.
You love cheesy poofs.
If we didn't eat cheesy poofs,
We'd be LAME!



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