George W. Bush was the 43rd President of the United States, serving from 2001 until 2009. He was a member of the U. S. Republican Party along with his vice president Dick Cheney. He has made several prominent and cameo appearances.


President Bush is first seen deciding whether to give David Blaine and his followers tax exempt status or not in "Super Best Friends". He is modeled on Timothy Bottoms' appearances as him in the series That's My Bush!, also created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The rest of the cast of the series also appears alongside him.

In "A Ladder to Heaven", Bush is seen being convinced by government officials that Saddam Hussein is building weapons of mass destruction in Heaven, and plans an attack there. He then informs the United Nations of this, as well as why Saddam was in Heaven in the first place, to which he is questioned whether he is high or stupid, where he assures the United Nations that he is not high.

Bush reappeared with an updated design to resemble the real President in "Cartoon Wars Part I", in which he responded to the terrorists' threats to attack America over the appearance of Muhammad on the TV show Family Guy. When the episode is aired uncensored, the terrorists send a video to the United States featuring George Bush, Jesus and U.S. citizens in which they are defecating on each other.

In the episode, "Mystery of the Urinal Deuce", George Bush attempts to kill Kyle and Stan for discovering the government's role in the September 11th terrorist attacks and stages an entire ruse to make it appear to be a conspiracy - at the end however, it turns out the United States government had nothing to do with it, and the conspiracy idea is a conspiracy in itself.


Bush's original appearance has gray hair with different shades, black eyebrows, a wrinkly face with a large chin and half-lidded eyebrows, while wearing a black suit with a blue tie. He is rather wide and obese. His later appearances have smoother gray hair and rectangular gray eyebrows with a thinner build, full eyes, and less wrinkles as well as a larger chin and different facial shape.


  • In "Best Friends Forever", a Republican leads a speech while under the influence of Satan's boyfriend Kevin, likened by some to Bush's usage of religion in speeches. The character is unidentified but it was speculated it may be Bush.
  • During his first appearance, the entire Bush administration was modeled on its cast appearance in Trey Parker and Matt Stone's sitcom spoof That's My Bush! and Bush retained this appearance in all of his appearances on the show during his first term in office. During his second term, however, his appearance was completely re-hauled so that it more closely resembled the actual President.


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