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Due to Mr. Garrison's's bid for President in the US elections , South Park is ridiculed by Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show; as a result, the town plans to have a Whole Foods Market built, to boost their image. In order to attract Whole Foods and make their town look better, Mayor McDaniels, with the help of Randy Marsh, decides to have a fancy and modern district, SoDoSoPa ("South of Downtown South Park"), be built around Kenny's house. The new district is intentionally built around Kenny's dilapidated home to appeal to young hipsters who enjoy the "rustic charm" of the scenery. SoDoSoPa runs several commercials (filmed in live action) advertising that all of the new restaurants and shops are "supporting" the original poor residents - when in fact no one in Kenny's family actually works at any of them. Soon the new district starts building middle-class apartment units for customers and employees to live in - all while claiming that this is revitalizing the poor residents that it was simply built around. The new district quickly attracts many people who start leaving the Chinese restaurant, City Wok. Proprietor Tuong Lu Kim, hires a child labor force to try to cut costs, and Kenny manages to get a job in the restaurant.

Meanwhile, Randy phones Whole Foods Market Inc. to convince them to build a market in South Park, and they eventually send a representative. As the representative comes into town, all the citizens try to behave properly to give the town a good impression. After speaking with PC Principal the representative seems to have a good impression of the town. However, when Randy and others find out that Mr. Kim is creating his own gentrified district named CtPa Town ("shitty part of town") and hiring children, a large group of citizens moves madly towards City Wok, and forcibly takes the child laborers out of the restaurant. Kenny becomes angry and kicks Randy who starts beating him as well, and this triggers a fight between the children and the adults. However, everyone becomes silent when they notice that the representative was observing the fight. He, however, seems to like the energy that the town put in to impress him and decides that the city will have the market. Everyone cheers and leaves, except for Kenny and Kim, who grants Kenny his "child labor wage". Kenny then comes back home, and his father reacts cynically when Kenny says that he earned nothing at his work. Kenny then enters his sister's room, however, and gives her a new doll - revealing that he did not "earn" anything for himself because he spent all his wages on the gift. She smiles and finally Kenny goes to sleep in his room which is right next to the SoDoSoPa that is very loud and active during night-time hours. The episode ends with the citizens walking inside the new Whole Foods Market.

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