"就是巴特斯" 是巴特斯秀的主题曲,该节目在“巴特斯特辑”中出现。这首歌的唱词全是关于巴特斯·斯多奇的。


Who's the boy that can laugh at a storm cloud? Turn a frown into a smile for free? Who's the kid with a heart full of magic? Everyone knows it's Butters!

Butters: "That's me!"

Who's the boy with eyes full of wonder? Who thinks being yourself is the best thing to be? Who's that rascal with the tweezers in his pocket? Everyone knows it's Butters!

Butters: "That's me!"

Jumping in puddles, skipping down the hallway. Petting goats at the petting zoo, he loves John Elway.

Butters: "No way!"

Who's the little tyke with the cutest little dimples? Batting his eyes at every puppy he sees? If you look inside yourself you might be surprised when you find A little boy named Butters!

Butters: "Well that's - That's me! Yeah."

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