Nick Donovan is a male who first appears in the Season Ten episode "Hell on Earth 2006".


In "Hell on Earth 2006", Nick appears as a cameo as one of the guests for Satan's Super Sweet 16 Halloween party.

In the Season Eleven episode "Fantastic Easter Special", when the Hare Club for Men is captured by Bill Donohue and his group of ninjas, Jesus shows up after Donohue double-crosses them. Stan believes that Jesus had answered his prayer, but he had actually been answering a the prayer of fellow Hare Club member Nick Donovan, who responds by saying "Neato" while inside a jail cell.

He also appears in "The Scoots" as part of the crowd of people participating in "Trick or Treat".


Nick has brown eyebrows, however the rest of his facial features aren't known, as the rest of his body, aside from his hands, is covered up with a large pink bunny costume. Considering his eyebrow color, though, it can be assumed he may have brown hair.


  • Nick shares his last name with Clyde, though it is unknown whether they are related.