A Witch Pursuit Thing is a song sung by the fathers of South Park in the Season Twenty-One episode "Sons A Witches".


When the fathers of South Park dress as witches, they believe that the town is coming after them to get rid of them, when they are actually trying to get rid of Chip Duncan, who became a witch who abducts children. In an attempt to fix the town's opinions of witches, they perform this song at the South Park Elementary Gymnasium.


We're all on the same side, you and I
Let's all stick together, let's try
When things are goin' bad
And there's people you need to confront
Just be sure it doesn't turn into a witch pursuit thing

Stephen (talking):
Hey guys, there's good witches and there's bad witches. And we stand with you in saying this particular witch needs to be brought down. But that doesn't mean we should all be closing parks and stopping all witch activity, because...


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