Bartholomew "Bart" JoJo Simpson is a character of The Simpsons, which has been both an inspiration and competitor to South Park. He was voiced by Mona Marshall.

He is first parodied when Butters hallucinates Dougie resembling Bart Simpson in "The Simpsons Already Did It".

An unnamed boy resembling Bart appears in "Cartoon Wars Part II". He mentions historical moments from Bart's life, and assisted Cartman to cancel Family Guy and convince FOX Network to stop airing the show.

When Kyle arrived to stop Cartman, Bart knocks him out with his skateboard. After hearing one of Kyle's "gay little speeches", Bart instead decides to help save Family Guy.


Bart has spiky, yellow "Butterfinger wrapper" shaped hair and wears a red T-shirt, blue pants and blue and white shoes.


  • Unlike his appearance on The Simpsons, Bart's hair line is slightly more yellow than his skin on South Park. However, his hair color is more beige than on The Simpsons.
  • Bart is voiced by a female actress (Nancy Cartwright) on The Simpsons. Similarly, he is also one the of few male characters on South Park to also be voiced by a woman.
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