帕克县警署南方公园中的一个地点,被帕克县警部和联邦调查局均有使用过,该建筑一共三层,但在不同的地方也有出入。Sergeant Yates is the most prominent of the police officers in the building having tried to frame Michael Jackson and taught the boys the effects of downloading music illegally among other appearances over the years.

The police officers, or at least the detectives, are shown to boast about shooting people; one detective claims to have shot a man twice in the face in "Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy". Sergeant "Harrison Yates" shoots The Left Hand Killer in the face twice in "Cartman's Incredible Gift".


South Park: The Stick of Truth

Side Quests

After the Nazi Zombies go rampant around town, Harrison Yates instructs the New Kid to fight 5 of them and bring back their rings. This can only be done between "PTA Problems" and "Beat Up Clyde".



  • Harrison Yates - Complete "Nazi Zombie Bounty".
  • Romper Stomper - Free him from his cell.
  • Santa Claus - Find him on the roof.


  • RabbiTech - Find on the shelf on room on the right on the second floor.


  • Bling - Find this in the yellow crate in the evidence locker.


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